Our Team consists of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in cyber security, threat assessment, corporate intelligence & human behavior analysis. Our team collectively has over 60 years experience interfacing on security and cyber security with military and defense, government, corporate and financial services companies and are the stake holders of the Patents.

Greg Chapman - Co-Founder of Oceansblue and Co-Creator of CYRNA

Over the past 20 years has overseen and managed (as a contractor) data security development for The U.S. Department of Defense, United Nations, Formula 1 Racing, Fujitsu Bank, Tokyu Corporation and Cedars-Sinai Medical Group.

T-Rex - Cyber Countermeasures Expert and Co-Creator of CYRNA

Northrop Corporation - Co-Developed the software for the revolutionary B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Rockwell International - Co-Developed the onboard computer system for both the B1-B bomber and the Space Shuttle.

Gulf War 1 - His work in combat cryptography was invaluable in securing and defending important data streams. His team Developed Electronic Countermeasures for the United States Air Force.

Dead Addict - Co Founder of DEF CON and Penetration Test Expert

Research in Motion - In Charge of Architecture Security for Blackberry Smart Phone.

Black Hat - “Grand Vizier”- PCI compliance documentation, head of the speaker committee, Black Hat multimedia.

Microsoft - Senior Security Manager.

Speaker at Yale Law School and the University of Texas. Has been quoted in Forbes, CNN ,Vanity Fair and on A&E TV.

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