Prevent advanced threats and zero-day attacks proactively with next generation data at rest security.

While information security is critical across all industries, differences in attack vectors, regulations and technologies shape an organizations’ distinct reaction to cyber security risks. The CyRNA solution helps prevent unauthorized users from reading the information in the event of a compromised system. When used in a cloud environment, astronomically probabilistic values come into play enabling greater security.

There are numerous Federal and Commercial Use-Case Studies where CyRNA™ based technology will be applicable and useful as CyRNA™ protects any crucial sensitive data at rest. The CyRNA™ hardware sits at the back end of a network just before the storage disc and can be integrated with any standard or custom area. This includes personal area network / PAN, local area network / LAN, metropolitan area network / MAN and wide area network / WAN.

Industries that could significantly benefit from deploying CyRNA™:

Government Agencies

Personally identifiable information (PII), top secret or classified information, personal purchasing and social media behavior, internal strategic or corporate plans, proprietary master documents, social security numbers and credit and debit card information.

Diversified Financial Services Companies

Personal social security numbers, credit and debit card accounts and information, high net-worth trusts, wills, estates and insurance information, proprietary financial models and trading positions, Tax ID account numbers, and access to data bases that would allow perpetrators to electronically steal cash or compromise vital records.

Military and Defense Companies

Private military and defense design plans and strategies, to be developed military weapons, monitoring technologies, military codes, re-mote and unmanned military weapons controls and operations, among many other items.

Critical Infrastructure Assets

Such as Nuclear Power Plants / Electric Utility and Energy Grid and Transmissions Lines / Transportation Systems / Airports / Bridges / Tunnels / Ports/ Telecommunications Networks / Water and Filtration Systems and other items

Media & Entertainment Companies

Internal strategic and/or corporate plans, employee files and senior executive level personal information, contracts, royalty rates, waterfall arrangements, private email accounts, confidential communications and negotiations involving talent, vendors, suppliers, agents and management. Unreleased music, film footage, project materials in production

Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare Companies

Active medical and archived private health and medical records, confidential patient billing and financial information, personal social security numbers, debit and credit card information and accounts, drug research and development data, clinical trial and testing information, and other confidential information.

Currently In Development: Intercontinental transmission of live active or backup data from one location to another, including mobile, sea and land platforms. Information is sent fragmented and cannot be used even in an open encrypted endpoint.

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