Cloud Build Services

Leverage the full potential of cloud

While the pressure to adopt cloud is intense, adopting cloud haphazardly could be detrimental. There are persistent concerns around security, compliance, regulations, and cost. There are also unprecedented implementation challenges including:

  • The “cloud-in-a-corner” syndrome;
  • Higher levels of risk in migrating to cloud; and
  • Project failures and budget overruns.


The cloud is not a place to figure it out as you go.

Oceansblue Cloud Build Services enables organizations to successfully build cloud that is integrated into the overall business process, transforming their existing infrastructure into an agile IT-as-a-service model. Oceansblue’s CyRNA Technology is a 360-degree cloud view approach, covers all critical data security concerns. Together with ConOps, which includes industry best practices, Oceansblue ensures that your cloud infrastructure meets the security, regulatory and compliance requirements enabling us to deliver the most secure and reliable cloud in the market place.


Transforming the user experience by using

Business environments are changing dramatically with the increasing proliferation of consumer oriented mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Downloading and storing sensitive documents to your mobile device can be risky. Cyrnacloud provides a secure option to manage documents for easy access between Cyrnacloud and your mobile device thru the use of policies relevant to your business requirements.

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets has attracted the attention of hackers and other intruders, increasing the risk of data loss for small businesses as well as large enterprises. This year the Department of Homeland Security reported a 400% increase in attacks on mobile devices.

Customers today want on-hand access instantly for their products and services. Their expectation is to have nothing less than a "complete" digital experience. Unfortunately, many organizations are not equipped to handle those expectations to date. Cyrnacloud offers organizations the ability to enhance the security of your mobile data at rest in a cost efficient manner.

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