Oceansblue is an innovative data security company. Comprised of world renowned International Research and Development Security experts. OceansBlue has created state of the art technology coupled with innovative methodologies to secure sensitive data stored online and in private or public clouds.

Our system has been created and tested by some of the world’s most prolific “WHITEHAT” hackers. Our unique and proprietary processes are paving the way for the evolution of data security- which in many respects currently operates and is standardized by archaic and obsolete measures.

Our Values

Safety, Security, and Service is our guarantee.

Better Security

The present state of security is largely based on encryption methods. But the question remains, does better encryption guarantee better security? Recent government and large private sector breeches suggest that this is not the case, requiring the need for a departure from current methods.

Multiple Discrete Locations

Oceansblue has created an Intelligent Integrated system that allows our clients to safely harness the true power of cloud computing for their businesses. Our patented system allows our clients to safely secure their data across our network of multiple discrete locations.

Streamlined Process

Storing data within multiple locations enables our system to ensure the integrity of the data while also providing a streamlined process for data retrieval. As a result, our network renders the current state of security systems inefficient and obsolete.

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