• Securing the Digital Frontier
    CyRNA is a revolutionary technology in data security.
    As an addition to encryption, the solution uses a patented
    probabilistic method to store data across a network,
    making that data useless to unauthorized users.

Secure data and asset management solutions

Safety, Security, and Service is our guarantee.

Advanced Technologies

We offer secure storage and privileged privacy


CyRNA - Probability Network

  • Random Bit Splitting
  • No Meta Tags
  • No Root Access
  • Superior Key Management
  • Superior Monitoring Tools

Safe Secure

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Flashtext - Privileged Privacy

  • Fully Anonymous
  • App-Agnostic
  • Zero Digital Footprint
  • Self-Destructive Content
  • Secure Messages

Self- Destructive

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Cyber Security

Keeping one step ahead, Oceansblue starts with each root problem and detailedly analysis the source of the issue. Leading programmers create unique architectures to ensure current issues are resolved, while placing future systems stopping possible threats.

Cloud Enviroments

Using our flagship solution, CyRNA has been brought to the US in its cloud storage environment. With non-third party servers, Oceansblue keeps full control of data flow as well as machinery to keep its clients privacy and files from unwanted users.

Storage Solution

This solution helps prevent unauthorized users from reading the information in the event of a compromised system. When used in a cloud environment, astronomically probabilistic values come into play, enabling greater security.

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